On hitting (made up) milestones

Oct 03

Hello! Talk about your long hiatuses from blogging, huh?

My last post was August 14th, when I declared I had just passed the 40,000 word mark on the book. Well, today is October 3rd, and last night I hit the 60,000 word mark. Huzzah! My life kind of exploded somewhere in mid-September (you can read about that here), so there was a lapse in doing any writing at all for quite a while. Sad times. But you know what they say, all’s well that end’s somewhat moderately all right. Or something like that.

Eventually, I forced myself to sit down and try to be a tiny bit productive, so I went through and did some copyediting (no real major revisions, a few scene additions) of everything I had written so far. By the time I made it back to where I left off, I was ready to write again! The past few days have been incredibly productive (though at the cost of some of my other extracurriculars. Oops).

I’d say that at this point I’m a firm 87% of the way there, writing-wise. So to commemorate that totally arbitrary and mostly made up percentage (but moreso the whole 60,000 word milestone thing), I’ve decided to post a couple of sample chapters!

Click the link below to check ’em out!

Terra Chapters 1 and 2

The title is still technically a “working title”, and I’m sure there are still plenty of things I missed in my quick edit-through of it. Also, by the time I actually end up publishing, I could have had a panic attack and changed almost everything. But! In the meantime, this gives you a little taste in case you were curious as to the tone of the book (or my fiction writing style, at that!)

Onward, ho!


  1. Hi! I follow your weight loss blog, and I saw that you posted the two chapters and was intrigued. I just read them and I’m addicted, I have to know what happens next! Please let me know when the book is published, because I’d love to read the rest. Also, Emery is hot .. right? Please?! 🙂

    • admin /

      Haha! Thanks Alex! I will be letting you ALL know as soon as I wrap it up and get the full thing out there, don’t you worry!

      And, c’mon, of course he’s hot. Please. 😉

  2. *gurk* I wish this “Read More” button lead to the next chapters!! This book is riveting 😉 [pun intended]

  3. Love it! Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Annette Brown /

    Loved it, I cant wait to read the rest!

    • Just read the first two chapters. Love them! Great introduction to the story, can’t wait to find out what happens!


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