On totally not freaking out no not even a little

Nov 27


This has become my life. Waiting with baited breath for my editor extraordinaire to send me snippets of her comments that I eat up like tiny rainbow nuggets (uh, Skittles?), immediately incorporate, then send back to her asking for more comments. Poor, poor Aileen. (Looooove you!)

See, the thing is, I’m still aiming for a December release. It’s official. Well, officially self-imposed. But look! Up at the top of the screen! It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s in writing! And as silly as I know it is to get wrapped up in a deadline that I SET FOR MYSELF, it’s still something I’m desperately striving to meet. Which means I’m just a little bit crazypants right now (well, more than usual, at any rate).

But! Other than the general state of panic that I am living in, things are going well! The revisions of the book continue to make it stronger and better than ever, although in a mildly ironic twist, the experience of editing has meant I’ve actually ended up adding MORE WORDS to the book. About 10,000 more, in fact. Granted, I cut a lot of stuff first, and then rewrote that stuff, and THEN added more, but still. I always imagined editing as taking a giant machete to my hopes and dreams. And it is. But then it’s like wrapping those cuts in fluffy gauze and building the book back up into something even stronger.

See? Imagery. I’m totally a writer.

Of course, at some point, I have to recognize that I need to either be happy enough to publish, or I need to not publish yet. And knowing that I’m the kind of person who could nitpick until Kingdom Come, I’m hoping that it’s the former. But even with my precedence for being extremely impatient and driven by immediate gratification, I will do what’s best for the book. FOR THE GOOD OF THE BOOK. It’s gonna be a thing. There will be rubber bracelets and everything. Still, with every change and every rewrite, I’m happier and happier with the strength of the book overall, even though the story itself hasn’t really changed one iota since finishing. So that’s the good part. The story is the same, it’s just the outlying things, you know, like characters and dialogue and whatnot, that are changing. NBD.

Anyway, this has all pretty much just been one long-winded update on why things aren’t quite ready yet. But soon! And as soon as I’m actually able to forcibly shut myself off from my keyboard, I will be sending the final version over to my copyeditor for a last read-through, to catch all those typos and grammatical errors and places where I just started typing and then forgot to finish my sentence so the line reads, “There was a.” A what? THERE WAS A WHAT?!

I’m so anxious to get a copy out to people to start reading and reviewing, that I may send out a few ARC (advanced review copies) to bloggers and whatnot before the final copyediting is done. People do that, right? I mean, that’s why it’s called an ARC, and not a Totally Perfect Copy? The first step is going to be getting bloggers to even agree to read/review my book in the first place, of course. Baby steps, baby steps.

So! That’s my totally not freaking out or panicking or going crazy or anything update for you all. Doesn’t self-publishing seem like fun? 😉


  1. SO exciting. In my dreams, I am a writer. That’s the extent of it. You’re actually doing it. Can’t wait to read it! Oh, and I want a rubber bracelet too.

  2. FOR THE GOOD OF THE BOOK. I could say a lot, but your comparison of the editing process to Skittles pretty much says it all for me.

  3. OK, so Nanci’s excitement has seeped over to me… (all thanks to her sharing this on Facebook.) I am a YA book review blogger and I would love to have the opportunity to review your upcoming debut! Feel free to email me: imakethegrade at gmail dot com

  4. Jennifer B /

    Oh my lord!!! As someone who has read your blog for SO LONG (I still make those whipped garlic mashed potatoes), I’m so extremely happy for you and I cannot wait to read the book!!

  5. Yay for the final countdown…or the final countdown to the final edit…who knows! But yay! It’s been fun to see the ride you’ve taken with this self-publish craziness. Between you and my best friend, who is currently in school for writing, (http://jessicavandenancker.com/) I’m excited for you both!

  6. Jenny V /

    So excited! I have a degree in English so if ever need an extra reviewer I’d love to do it!

  7. MEE! PICK ME FOR THE ARC!!! Does the use of caps-lock and extraneous exclamations communicate my excitement to you?

    I, too, am a nit picker, but (more importantly), I’m decisive! And, I’m a fan of dystopian fiction/science fiction/fantasy. So, with these qualities, I can offer praise and ask questions your fans would want to know 🙂

    As you’ve experienced yourself, casually writing a blog is much different than writing professionally and with a purpose. I just ask that you not use my blog as a show of my literary chops.

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