On soft launches

Dec 11

Hey, wanna know a secret?

Today is actually my super secret (well, not so much anymore, hahaha) soft launch day for Terra! I wanted to make sure that everything was up and running, and that files didn’t get caught up in any technical snafus before the official release tomorrow. See? Look at me, trying to be all responsible and whatnot. Go figure.

Anyway, I tell you this because if you’ve actually been willing to stick with me through this crazy self-publishing journey, I most certainly feel that you deserve first dibs, don’t you? This isn’t being widely publicized, but just in case any of you were simply chomping at the bit, I figured there might be at least one of you who’s interested.

The Kindle version is available on Amazon, and the paperback version is available through CreateSpace. Eventually, both will be available on Amazon, in the same spot, but evidently it takes a little while for everything to sync up. I’ll admit, it is pretty cool to see my very own Amazon product page and everything, so forgive me if I continue nerd out over the next few days.

I’ve also submitted the eBook for both Nook and Kobo, so keep your fingers crossed that those go live later on today! (See? Hence the pre-preparing.) I created a Where to Buy page here on the blog, to keep all the links neat and tidy, too, AND my wonderful graphic designer, Cassie, whipped up some sparkly new badges (check them out/snag one over on the sidebar) as well.

I can’t lie, this honestly all feels a little bit surreal right now. I’ve been working so furiously toward this point (and toward all of tomorrow’s excitement!) for so long, I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with myself now! I guess, for now, I’ll just count on riding the wave of post-release excitement for as long as I can… and save all this sentimental crap for tomorrow.



ETA: The Nook version is now available, too! Would’ve been nice for Barnes & Noble to tell me, hahaha.


  1. Conveniently, I received a amazon gift card this morning. Just bought it-can’t wait to keep reading it after the sneek preview chapters last week. Congrats on launching!!!

  2. I’m only in the drafting stages of my blog entry about this for tomorrow, and I’ve already cried, like, seven times. I’M IN A GLASS BLOG OF EMOTION.

    • You’re in a better spot than me. This was only the soft launch post, and I already had a hard enough time writing. Who knows what tomorrow’s post(s) will bring. I HAVE NO MORE WORDS, ONLY FEELINGS.

  3. Minerva /

    I am so excited for this! I pounced on the “get your copy now” button so fast I didn’t even notice this post. Congrats!!

  4. Bought bought bought bought! So excited.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting! Paperback copy, here I come!!!!!


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