On being a published author

Dec 23

So. My book is published. I’m a published author. And yes, I indie published/self-published but that in no way negates the fact that I have a book out there, that people are reading–and actually seem to be enjoying, according to the 20 (!!) reviews on Amazon thus far! Sooooo, that’s pretty flippin’ cool, if you ask me. Heeeeee. 🙂

Launch day was seriously awesome. I mean, that probably goes without saying, but it was. I was floating on a cloud of disbelief and surreal-ness the entire time, and by that evening Terra was already carving out spots for itself on the best-seller and hot new releases lists on Amazon. It even climbed all the way to #3 in HNR for its genre a couple days later! Something that was absolutely thrilling to see.

hnr numba3 teen sci fi

Screengrab taken 12/14/12

Of course, nothing lasts forever, and since Amazon’s rankings are updated hourly, it’s always a crapshoot as to where the book is going to fall at any given time. I’ve been doing a lot to try and temper my expectations, since I’ve been feeling a little bipolar about the book’s release over the past week. On the one hand, I am flattered, honored, and amazed that it’s gotten the positive reception it has. I’m constantly amazed at who is crawling out of the woodwork on Twitter, Facebook, and IRL to tell me that they purchased my book, read it, loved it, etc. And then there are my diva-tastic moments (set up by a lifetime of being the baby of my family) where I’m like “WHYYYYYYYYY IS NOBODY BUYING MY BOOOOOK?!?!”

I know. I’m ridiculous.

So I’m absolutely focusing on the positive–as well as digging my heels deep into planning and outlining for Terra’s sequel. I haven’t started writing yet, but if how things went with book #1 is any indication, things are likely to go a lot faster than I expect. I’ve got some AMAZING ideas brewing, as well as expanding upon the ones that were already in place when I started writing the first book, and I am super psyched to get back into writing, though I can’t imagine I’ll have penned a single word until after the holidays. ‘Cause, you know. Christmas.

And anyway, even without the rankings or the sales (by the way, almost-real-time sales reports are totally NOT good for my obsessive personality, haha), there is still just something about getting to see my name on the spine of a book. Almost like it belongs there. That’s still the most exciting and rewarding part of this entire process, you know. The whole I-wrote-a-book thing. The part where people are buying and, y’know, enjoying the story I’ve crafted is really just the icing.


As always, thank you SO much for your love, encouragement, and support. For those of you who have already bought the book–THANK YOU! And for those of you who are waiting, I am so excited for you to get a taste of the world I’ve created soon. Also, if you have read the book/are reading it, would you maybe consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble? No pressure, of course, just if you’re up to it! Every review that you write helps make someone else decide if Terra is his or her kind of book.

Happy Holidays!


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