On a month post-release

Jan 12

Happy 1 month-aversary, everyone! It’s been one month since Terra‘s official launch day, and I just wanted to stop by and self-congratulate tell you all how grateful I am for all your amazing support over the past 31 days… or however many it’s actually been. Heh.

My experience with self-publishing has been pretty epic so far, and I am crazy excited to see what the next month (and the one after that, and the one after that, and so on, and so forth) has is store! And I already know there are some pretty exciting things coming up, including…


Back to Her Roots book club! (January 31st)


CBL Book Tour! (February 19 – 21)


Also, the details haven’t been worked out yet, but there is talk of a book group/chat where people can connect to discuss Terra with other readers, and of course me whatever you want. While that’s getting sorted out, if you ever have any questions for me, considering joining my Goodreads Q&A group, or posing your questions on my Facebook page!

Thank you, everyone, for your support, encouragement, and general awesomery. Here’s to seeing what things may come, and to me buckling down with book 2!


  1. Happy one month anniversary Terra! Here is a virtual pumpkin spice pecan cupcake with a vanilla bean cream cheese icing on top. Can’t wait for your little sister Underground to show up.

  2. Sandra /

    Gretchen, I follow you over on HISTG and I just wanted to say that I seriously read/inhaled Terra in about 8 hours. I normally dont even go for dystopian novels (Hunger Games were my first 3, Terra my 4th). Seriously – SO GOOD and incredibly well written. I cannot wait for Book 2!

    • Thank you SO much Sandra!! I’m so glad to hear that — definitely trying to make headway with book 2 as fast as possible! 😀

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