On selling over 1000 books!

Jan 31

Cue the fanfare! The confetti! The obnoxious and comical one-man band (complete with tuba)! Terra has officially sold over 1,000 books (actually, it’s almost 1,100 but I failed at doing math until now, haha) and I think that is something to CELEBRATE!

I knew going into this that self-publishing was a huge risk, and would never give me the kind of exposure that traditional publishing would, but felt very confident in the strength of my work, my writing, and the small internet presence I already had. I’m not really sure what the statistics would say about 1,000 books sold in 6 weeks or so, but I really couldn’t be happier! So regardless of where that puts me on the indie publisher totem pole, I am absolutely THRILLED!

So, to celebrate this momentous (if somewhat belated) occasion, I’m hosting a giveaway over on my personal blog for FIVE SIGNED PAPERBACK COPIES of Terra. If you had entered the Goodreads giveaway that just ended today and didn’t win, you can have another crack at a hardopy of your very own. Huzzah!


To enter, just pop over to my other blog and leave a comment. The giveaway ends on Wednesday, February 6th, which is when the five random winners will be drawn. Good luck!!


  1. Congrats on your sales milestones. Keep kicking ass and taking names, with your book that is.

  2. Obligatory YAY!

  3. Yay! Congratulations! Your book looks so wonderful, it’s no surprise so many people are picking it up! 😀

  4. CONGRATS!!! You know I’m a huge fan, this is such happy news and I’m so excited for you.

  5. Jessica Shultz /

    Many many congrats. I tell everyone I know about it! Maybe one day I can get the author to sign my copy too!!! haha 🙂

  6. Love your nail varnish! Out of interest – what colour were your thumb nails?
    I’ll be adding Terra to my wishlist 🙂


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