Happy birthday to me!

Apr 11

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So maybe it’s a reflection on just how very vain I really am, but I have always loved (like, LOVE LOVE LOVED) my birthday. So today, the day of my 25th birthday, is no different! Well, I guess it’s a little different, because this is my first birthday spent as a published author. Not toooooo shabby of an accomplishment for the first quarter of my life, eh?

Laura @ Colorimetry is hosting a li’l virtual birthday party for yours truly as part of Terra’s book tour! So head on over to see a super fun rapid fire interview I did, as well as to net yourself an extra entry for the giveaway!

Thanks for helping make the past year so great, friends. 24 was a pretty stellar year — a lot of good things went down. I can’t wait to see what awesome things 25 has in store… aside from the sa-weet Hunger Games-themed birthday party I’m having on Saturday! 😉


  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks Gretchen for your wonderful blog. Very, very inspirational! It’s helped me get my book on its way.

    My Birtday tomorrow! Happy B’day to you too.

    All best from Scotland,

    John Irvine

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